Why to Hire Us

Hire A Tax Accountant Who Cares

The answer is that you care about your case and about the result. You want a person who will also care about you, your case and the result. Are you tired of accountants who do not call you back? How about accountants who vanish when you get a letter from the IRS? There are also accountants who are simply not qualified to represent you before the IRS. For example any accountant who tells you to go to an audit yourself should raise a red flag. Often these individuals are simply not interested in you or your case because they prefer to run a high volume “tax mill” and your case gets in their way. This is why it’s important to hire a tax accountant which has your interests in mind, not their own.

Why should you hire us to represent you?

We are the premier tax resolution firm serving the equestrian community. We know horses and we know the IRS.
At this time we are not accepting new tax return preparation
only clients however we are happy to refer you to several highly
qualified CPA’s who can provide this service and whom we work in conjunction with on disputes.

We limit our caseload and our services to those who care enough about their situation to be willing to pay an accountant to take the time to work through the situation with them. That allows us to make your case a priority and give you the quality service for which you have paid.Our fees are competitive with those of other experienced accountants specializing in dealing with the various taxing authorities. We are highly knowledgeable in IRS procedures and will take the best route possible to get you a positive result.