IRS Appeals

 IRS Appeals

Winning Your Case In IRS Appeals

We are often called and asked what can I do I just got an IRS audit report with very bad news.  What should you do if your audit went poorly or you simply failed to answer a letter from the IRS requesting an audit?

You need to call us at once so we can file an appeal for you!

We can often reduce your tax burden significantly by taking to case to the IRS Office of Appeals.  One of the big mistakes in handling IRS appeals (and all IRS matters) is taking an emotional approach to the situation. Complaining that the system is rigged and unfair will get you absolutely no where.

Rather, you need the expertise of an experienced tax and equine expert such as Mr. Larry
Rosenblum, EA, MBA to present both the facts of your horse business to a non-horse person and then relate the appropriate tax law that appeals to the situation. This is a rare skill set few possess.

Let us take the stress out of the situation and put some money in your pocket. Look at the recent case results on our home page. We pride ourselves in saving our clients both time, money and aggravation.

Contact us if you need help with IRS appeals.

Remember, when it comes to your money, it’s better to be safe than sorry.