Larry Rosenblum, Equine tax accountantAbout The Equine Tax Group

Larry is a former IRS agent and manager with over 35 years in the tax field. He grew up living near Roosevelt Raceway where he first met the legends of the sport and work there on summer. He has owned several horses and enjoys helping horse persons with tax issues. He is active in several horse related charities.

Tax Representation

We can represent you before any IRS office in the world. A good portion of  IRS business today is done by phone and tax. Let us be your tax representation specialist.

IRS Problem Resolution/State Tax Problems

We have worked with clients in the multitude of industries. We have a special interest in the equine
industry, Section 183 cases(Hobby Loss) and Section 469(Passive Loss) cases and IRS Audit
matters. We are members of the American Horse Council and the United States Trotting Association.
We are experts at handling the famous IRS CP2000 and CP2501 notices
Our Team Has Over 75 years Of Experience As IRS Agents and Managers.

We Are Your Answer For Solving Equine Related Tax Problems

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