1099 misc

1099 misc

If you are a show horse trainer or run a boarding stable, chances are you receive form 1099’s.How do you report this income? Do you report it all? For this reason, it is important to hire an accountant who is an expert in the equine world who can provide you with the guidance necessary to do your tax return correctly.

The nice folks at the IRS will tell you every dollar you make is profit unless you have a good set of records documenting your expenses such as feed, hay, blacksmith costs, transportation and so forth,

But what if your records don’t exist or they are not the best? What to do? What to do? The simple answer is to hire the Equine Tax Group and let us handle all things “horse” before the IRS knocks on the door.

Our fees often pay for themselves in the money we save you due to record keeping issues.
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